Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lemons, lemons, lemons

It is the time of year. All the lemon trees are full of fruit. Everywhere you look there are lemons. In Greek cooking we use a lot of lemon and lemon juice. But how many recipes are there with lemons?
So I am on a mission this week: baking with lemons
I have tried to make lemon curd which turned out ok, but alas, my family doesn't eat it at all.
Yesterday I made lemon muffins, they turned out nice.

And for today I am planning to make a lemon-meringue pie.
And tomorrow? I don't know yet....maybe somebody has a suggestion?

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Anonymous said...


What hs happened to this blog?? did you drop it on the floor like a plastic bottle of coke, shake the bottle and then open it up. Your words have exploded. Its wonderful! You are funny and what you write is interesting and realy conveys a personality. I enjoyed reading it very much.

Keep going!

x, M