Sunday, March 7, 2010

A different kind of weeding

After a few weeks of early spring we are now confronted with cold and rain. Luckily it usually doesn't last too long. And of course the rain is good for our nature. When the sun comes out again, after a few days, you can see men and women of all ages walk the fields with a knife and a plastic bag to collect xorta. These are the wild greens that spring up everywhere after some good rain.
Where I grew up, we used to call this weeds.....

But here they are well loved and most popular in daily diet. There are many different kinds of xorta. Some are really bitter, others almost sweet.

Freshly boiled, with a healthy amount of olive oil and a good splash of lemon juice, it is the perfect companion to any fish dish. It is also a tasty filling for pies, with hand made pastry, some Feta cheese and herbs. A great snack or light meal
Of course it is also a good reason to be out in the fresh air and enjoy the company of some good friends, like my mother in law and her girlfriends.

On this particular day our mission was to find kaykalithres, as pictured above. They made a really good pie filling.

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