Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Green Fox birthday party

Last saturday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Green Fox. A celebration in Greek style with lots of food, wine and dancing to the live music. We had a busy time preparing, that was one of the reasons I had disappeared again from blogland, but it was worth all the work and effort.

We managed to raise some well needed cash for our project. Thanks to all the volunteers and other friends of the Green Fox who helped us in organizing this special night.

A beautiful birthdaycake made by one of our members.

The first band that came and played for us: "Groom Therapy"

The second and more traditional band with an amazing bouzouki!


After all the guests left, we had our own little "after"party with of course : dancing on the table!

Happy birthday Green Fox and many more years of plastic bottle collecting!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet roll

Today  is episode 6 of the crochetroll from Wieke van Keulen.

I started it with a nice blue wool and crochethook 4,5 but unfortunately I had only one ball of wool. I knew it wasn't going to be enough and the wool is not available on the why did I start it with this wool?

Probably just because I can do the whole thing again with another wool. So, last week I started all over with another yarn I have in my stash. Thinner this time so I crochet with crochet hook 2,5 and it is also not my favourite colour but I have a few more skeins of this one so I hope there will be enough although it looks like Wieke has a lot of patterns for us so I don't know how fas I will get with this wool. We'll see. It is fun to do and gives me some  practice at the same time.

Wishing you a good week!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today my eldest turned 21! I wish him with all my heart  happiness, joy and prosperity.
Times are extra hard here in Greece and the young generation has been robbed of its dreams and hopes for a bright future, let alone careers and much more. I have never written much about the crisis because I try to keep a positive state of mind about it. But it is part of our lives and we are confronted by it on a daily basis.

But......."nothing is forever, everything changes" or: Panta rei is a conclusion I think everbody will make at some point in his life.

So, the crisis is not here to stay!
Happy birthday to my first born for this special day!

Anyway, back to 21. A couple of weeks ago there were quite a few bloggers that posted pictures of themselves at 21. I thought this was a nice idea but already knew that it would be hard for me to find a picture of myself at 21. And I didn't.
The closest are the following:

Santorini 1978 (I am 20)

Corfu 1980 (I am 22)

As you can tell Greece was already part of my life then. In those days I was in a relationship with an Irish man and we lived in the Netherlands, Utrecht. I worked in a travel agency and was quite content with my life. Although Greece was my favorite holiday destination I never dreamt that I would actually live there.

As I said....panta rei

After going through the old photoalbums looking for a picture of myself and in combination with my eldest turning 21 today I feel rather nostalgic and a little sad because

I wonder will my boys get to experience the same happy go lucky feeling I had at that age?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

On my worktable this morning

Still trying out different techniques and materials.

Have a nice sunday!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally made it to the top!

Well, it is not as spectacular as it may sound.... but after almost 29 years of living on this beautiful island I finally made the walk to the highest point on today's walk.

The last meters were quite a hike

Rewarded with beautiful views

The town down below

To our disappointment....the book wasn't there. Aparently it is there just in the summerseason. 

On our way we came across a picknicktable with a view.

Have a nice weekend!