Sunday, February 28, 2010

When everything aligns....

A few weeks ago I did a little experiment with something that should become a phototransfer. Whenever I discover something new on one of these wonderful blog and sites, I can't wait to try it myself. But living on a small island has the disadvantage that it s not so easy to find the right supplies. So I always end up in experimenting with what I have. Many times it works very well. In this case I ended up with a little plastic kind of transferred picture, not bad, but I didnt know what to do with it and just stuck it on my moodboard. It looked like it should be on a bag somehow. But what kind of bag? And anyway I am not a sewer so it stays on the board.

Last friday I read Jessica's post on How about Orange and there it was: the bag I had visioned. I still can't believe what happenend next: I ran upstairs to my (almost) clutterfree room -see previous post- and opened a basket I hadn't decluttered yet and to my big surprise found a piece of material in there that I had no memory of ever putting in there. It was exactly the size I needed. Sewing machine on the table and behind it my laptop with the pictured instructions of Sew mama sew because as I mentioned I am not a sewer. One hour later I ended up with this bag and I am so pleased with myself and proud to show it here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clutter excuses!

Aah clutter....I am a clutter-queen coming from a old family of clutter-royals.But today I am out of excuses as Christine Kane pointed them all out in her "Life-creative"e-zine. So I have not much time to write blogs or surf the net.... I am going to de-clutter! Now!
I shall leave the whole article here. And come back tomorrow with hopefully results.

9 Seemingly Logical Reasons We Cling to Clutterby Christine Kane

Clutter Excuse #1: "I'd be a bad mean horrible person if I…"
Guilt is heavy gooey energy that convinces us we're bad people if we let go of heirlooms, knick-knacks, unwanted clothing, or unwanted gifts.
These items clutter up our lives and keep us in a comfortable – but draining – place. And conveniently, we never have to decide what we actually do want in our environment. We become environmental victims. Often, that spreads out into other parts of our lives too!

Clutter Excuse #2 - "I spent so much on it!"
Do you punish yourself for having made a bad choice by keeping the item around? Or convince yourself that you're going to get your money's worth – even if it drains the hell out of you?
You won't. And it will.
We've all done stupid things. And we've all had to let them go. Now it's your turn.

Clutter Excuse #3 - "I might need this someday."
I often wonder how many idle telephone cords exist in the world. Way in the back of old desk drawers. Stuffed on closet shelves. They can't be gotten rid of.
Because we might need them some day.
Evidently, some day - in spite of technological progress - you're going to need that particular grey phone cord that came in the box with a phone you bought in 1989.
Throw it out. Now.
Same thing goes for: The broken fax machine, switch plates from your first house, and every glass flower vase that came with deliveries.

Clutter Excuse #4 - "I might do this someday."
I know. I know.
Someday you'll take those broken pieces of china you've collected and create a beautiful mosaic birdbath. And you'll go through those stacks of magazines and make that collage for your sister's 30th birthday party. (She's 51 now.)
Now – I don't mean to deny you your plans and dreams. However, I urge you to consider experiencing the infinite relief that appears when you let old project ideas go.
Call your sister and tell her the collage ain't gonna happen. Buy a mosaic birdbath from an artist who makes her living from creating such treasures.
And then, make space for what you want to do. Don't fill your space with what you should do.

Clutter Excuse #5 - "I gotta look good to my guests."
CD's. Books. DVD's. Are these items treasured? Or are they simply a prop so your guests will be impressed by your intelligence and diverse tastes?
Remember this: we are motivated by two things: Fear or Love. Which of these keeps you clinging to items because of appearances?

Clutter Excuse #6 - "I Don't Know Where It Goes."
When items don't have a home, it's harder to determine whether or not they are clutter. Some things may seem like clutter - like the cute card that your daughter made that floats around from drawer to drawer - but they're not clutter.
They're homeless.
Once you start defining spaces for items, then it's easier to see when something doesn't fit anywhere and should just get tossed.

Clutter Excuse #7 - "My thoughts don't have any power. Do they?"
Everything has energy. The thoughts you have about the things in your home CREATE energy. If you are surrounded by stuff you keep out of guilt, then your environment holds guilt. If you hang on to stuff given to you by your ex, and you still feel bitter – then there is bitterness in your home.
Get it?
It's either fueling you, or draining you. Some things might be neutral, of course. But if anything triggers you, then that is your barometer. Let it go.

Clutter Excuse #8 - "But I never wore it!"
See Clutter Excuse #2.

Clutter Excuse #9 - "There's too much stuff!"
Overwhelm can stop us in our tracks. If this article makes you aware that there are lots of items in your life you don't like, then go slow. Schedule small chunks of time each day. It takes time to be clutter-free! But the newfound clarity and lightness are worth it!

Performer, songwriter, and creativity consultant Christine Kane publishes her 'LiveCreative' weekly ezine with more than 11,000 subscribers. If you want to be the artist of your life and create authentic and lasting success, you can sign up for a FRE*E subscription to LiveCreative at

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dream big

The course has finished and I wasn't one of the very active participants. But it is still in my head. This morning I read my fellow classmate Mariellen's post how she experienced the course. It very much expresses how I feel about it as well. I don't think I could describe it so well though. It is so good to know that there are so many more people of totally different backgrounds that float on the same wavelength.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let me take you on a walk

During the wintermonths my friends take this walk 3 times a week, weather permitting.

I try to join them as often as I can, but I can never make it three times a week. Anyway, let me show you the walk we did today.

We started in front of the highschool at about 9 o'clock and walked straight to the harbour.

From there we follow the road towards the lake

We pass by the old windmill

and the end of the runway of our airport

There is also a small archeological site with findings of minoan times

From this beach you can see in the far the snow-topped mountain that gave our little island it's name.

There wasn't much traffic on the road.

We passed through wonderful olivegroves, where the wild flowers are starting to bloom.

After a good hour's walk we were back in our deserted high street and on our way to our favorite street side cafe for a well deserved capuccino

Of course if you sit here, it never takes long before we are joined by more friends.

Today we were also treated to some yummy fresh pies.

Unexpected pleasures....