Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So much happening

These last few weeks that there is no time for blogging which is a pity because there is a lot to tell.
I'll have to keep it short and therefore just show a few pictures of the past days.

View from the bedroomwindow, the morning of Easter sunday

Roast goat, kokoretsi, salads and more food but most importantly: good company

Saint George's day is officially on the 23rd of April but if Easter is after that date, it is celebrated on the monday after Easter. And that was yesterday. On that day there is also the traditional horse race. There are two categories. The first category is the race with horses and the second category is the race with mules and donkeys using the traditional wooden saddle.

This is Yorgos (George) and the mule he rode with the wooden saddle. He has all reasons to be happy: It is his nameday and he made the 3rd place in the race which is not bad at all.
Congratulations Yorgo!

And here comes the over-all winner of the day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Theatre, museum, shopping therapy

All in great company. But also cinema, long walks, market, good food, stocking up on silver wire for wire wrapping, relaxing and last but not least: spending time with my son. That sums up my week in Thessaloniki. A week that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Last night fisher-man and I went on a little stroll along the old harbour before going out for dinner. It was a beautiful mild evening. It will not be long and the view of the harbour will be quite different.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A great birthday present

Today is my birthday. That is of course a special day but what made it more special is that the press arrived for our bottle recycling project, aka "the green fox". Here is where you can read all about it.
Of course the press was higher than the entrance of our premises so a few heads were scratched. But in the end...the press found its place.
Here a few pictures quickly, a more detailed post later because now I am of for a well needed shower and afterwards a nice dinner with my husband.

It is not so very big but high and heavy.

The press in its place and we celebrate with a glass (plastic cup) of wine.

I am in such a hurry that I haven't even mentioned the lovely week I spent in Thessaloniki. My friend Ariadne wrote about it and here is her story....my version will come soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why not?

This was the theme for the 2nd TEDx Thessaloniki event held yesterday.
I found out about TED quite a few years ago and have been a great fan ever since. And whenever I watched one of the many video's available on internet, I wished I could be in the audience following such inspired talks live. I never imagined it would happen one day!
Not so long ago, the TEDx events started, independantly organized events taking place around the world based on the TED "ideas worth spreading" idea. I still didn't think it would happen anywhere near where I live.
Than the first event took place in Thessaloniki last year. 4 speakers on a day in May. Unfortunately totally impossible for me to visit since this would mean at least three days away from my island. I work full time from May to October, without a day of.

And then this year... the event was planned for April 2nd. Work hasn't started yet and my son is now studying in Thessaloniki.
Timing couldn't be more perfect.
And so yesterday I had the day of my life. And I wasn't the only one. For 7 hours the whole audience in the beautiful theatre Olympion was captivated, fascinated and inspired by 13 speakers and two performances. The room was filled with positive energy that you could actually feel.
I dare to say it was a life-changing experience that I am grateful for.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

An evening in Thessaloniki

Even though it had been raining heavily all night and in the morning, the hydrofoil to the mainland took of on time yesterday morning so eventually I arrived safe and sound in Thessaloniki where it hadn't rained at all.

I suppose most of us remember what our rooms or flats where like when we first left home to study or work...well that is more or less what I faced when I arrived at my eldest son's appartment. So after a late lunch in a little taverna together, a bit of washing and cleaning was waiting to be done.

In the evening I met up with Ariadne whom I met through internet last year because we share a mutual hobby: seaglass. But in general we have a lot in common and the latest: it turns out she lives only about 100 metres away from where my eldest lives -in this big city!. Ariadne and her collegue teachers where in a club or bouat as we used to call them her. It was called Vardia and the son of one of her friends was playing. Great music, wonderful voices and good company in a friendly atmosphere. That sums it up for me and what more could one possibly want?

Thanks, Ariadne, for a wonderful evening.

And now I am getting ready for TEDx Thessaloniki. Yeah!