Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wood and woods

To burn of some extra calories I spent a couple of hours of this beautiful day in the garden. There was a massive pile of woodcuttings that I had taken of the gardenwall some weeks ago.

I planned to cut them up so we can use the woodsticks in the fireplace. We light the fire almost every night because it gives such a cosy atmosphere. We are lucky on the island to have a lot of olive groves that need grooming and trimming very regurarly and so it is quite easy to buy wood. We are also so lucky to have some beautiful pine forests on the island. These forests are highly protected and so they should be. Every summer groups of volunteers have night shifts watching over the forests for the danger of fires. Unfortunately over the years some big fires have destroyed big parts of the forests.Which means we have to take extra care of the remaining trees.
This year one more side affect of the crisis has surfaced: Trees in the protected forests are illegally being cut and the wood is used for fire wood. 
The price of oil for the heating has gone up from 0,60 euro last year to 1,06 euro this year. Combined with a loss of income that has affected all of us,  these are difficult times and everybody is looking for ways to save money. But this is not the way to save money.
Nature is paying the highest price again and that just is not right.

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ariadne said...

I am sorry to hear that trees are cut to be burnt in the fireplace!
I recently saw a man in the neighbourhood collecting pieces of wooden furniture that were thrown out on the curb to burn in the fireplace!AriadnefromGreece!