Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today we celebrate the nameday of my eldest. He was named after his paternal grandfather - my late father in law, as is the tradition. And since he has one of the most used names in Greece, I think almost every family has a reason to celebrate. So "xronia polla" to my Yiannis and of course to every other Giannis, Gianna, John and Johanna.
Tomorrow both boys are leaving again for Thessaloniki and already I feel this empty feeling as if something  inside me is missing.
We haven't really done very much these two weeks they were home except eating, sleeping, watching tv. So I treasure the few moments that we actually spent some quality time together like when we were doing the garden with eldest and baking with youngest.
My eldest cleaning the almonds he picked from the tree
Their clothes are washed and ironed and now I am going to make some speculaas for them to take with them.

The view this morning  is a bit like I feel today.


ariadne said...

Happy name day for John my dear! I know how you feel.Kisses. AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa said...

You live in a beautiful place. They will be back for another visit soon.

Heather Woollove said...

I have four grown daughters, myself, and it was so much fun when they were home from college and jobs over the holidays. It's always a wrenching feeling, getting used to the silence again, but you're right that clearing out and getting busy usually helps a bit! Hugs--