Thursday, January 19, 2012

May I be Frank

Well the snow didn't fall yet, at least not on our island. The sun is out everyday but it is unusually cold. Too cold to be doing any work outside in the garden so it is a good excuse to stay inside and be a bit lazy.
And today I had an extra excuse to stay in:
Some months ago, while I was clicking my way around the web, I came upon this website which is about an amazing transormation.

 I was intrigued by the story and wached the trailer of the movie and wished I had the chance to see the whole movie.
Well, the dvd of the movie came out not long ago and I ordered it straight away. It arrived in the mail this morning and I just spent an hour and more watching this lovely and very inspiring movie.

I am not sure if I would want to live on a only raw food diet. But the cafe "Gratitude" sounds like a great place and I would love to visit it some day and try out their dishes with the wonderful names.

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Kitchen Butterfly said...

Sounds like a great movie, especially the transformation bit. Have a wonderful 2012 - may it 'unfold' in a grand way! Best wishes