Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pay it forward 2012

Almost every morning I start my day with a cup of coffee and a little virtual walk around blogland. I never end up anywhere close from where I started. There are so many inspiring, interesting, creative, colourful, yummy and funny blogs...I could go on forever. It is a little dangerous as well though since  I suffer from what I call the "me2!-syndrome". Do you recognize it?
Here is how it goes:
A blog about sewing? ...me2!, about crochet? ....me2!, or knitting?....me2!, maybe seaglass collecting? ..me2!, what about paper mache....me2!, mixed media...me2!, photography....me2!, cooking ..me2! and again the list is endless.
Maybe my word for this year should be focus instead of unfold? No, I just have to try a little harder to keep my me2!-syndrome under control.
What has all this to do with "pay it forward 2012" you may ask.
Well, this morning I came across this fine initiative and after googling it I could not stop my me2! since this is such another lovely example of what goes on in blogland.
So here goes: This is what I promise (and  I copied the text from here  )

The first 5 people to comment below with their email address will receive a handmade something from me. I'm not sure what it will be just yet but depending on who joins in will depend on what you each get! So go ahead and leave your email! There is just one catch you must do the same for 5 other people, so you can share it in your facebook status or on your blog. The time frame is that the handmade goodies must reach their new owner by the end of 2012.

And that's it. I am looking forward to start making something just for you.


ariadne said...

Ok I know the me2 syndrome because I have it too!And if I remember a discussion with Irene (from Rhodes to Norway) she had it too! I have blogs that I follow totally different from each other in content and I want to do all the things they do, right! And at times I think I can do it! But one thing I cannot do yet is crochet! I even tried my hand on water colour painting inspired by Alisa Burke! In the end I decided that I can't make everything I see on blogland!But I can spend hours seeing them!LOL!
But I love payitforward and I always follow it without saying it most of the time!
I love the idea on that blog and on yours so I decided I will do it as well. The good thing is that you don't have to rush to send things as the whole of 2012 is ahead of us!
So inspite the fact that I have recently been the recipient of lovely gifts from you I would love to be in your first 5 comments so count me in!And I will pay it forward on my blog too!

lien said...

I'm in! My niece told me about this on facebook and I joined in right away (the me2-syndrome is also known here!)

Lien (Belgium)

lien said...

don't know if you can see my email with my previous post, so here it is...