Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to come back

After such a long absence. It is not easy. So much happens in 6 months time. I guess I'll just skip the update alltogether and just continue as if nothing has happened. (Just a note to myself for next summer....don't ever plan again to continue the blog in the summer, because that is not going to happen.) I more or less lead two lives. One in the summertime with a lot of work and not much time for anything else and one in the wintertime with a lot of free time to spare.
And the wintertime is the time to share anything of my life. I feel already a lot better now that I have settled that.
It's coming on Christmas and I have seen a lot of blog-friends with their trees up. Our tree is up as well and there is nothing trendy or modern about our masterpiece in the living-room!
It is full of ornaments that we have collected over the years. Many are home made, some
are totally awful -objectively seen- but still beautiful because my children chose them. I love our tree and I am sure my two boys will love it too when they come home for Christmas. Another 9 days and they'll be here. I can't wait.

It still is strange to me to prepare for Christmas while the weather reminds me of a Dutch summer. Well maybe not summer but early autumn then.

Having said that....20 years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant with my eldest son, we were snowed in for 1 week with no electricity and no water and this started on the 7th of December! It was fun for a bit but after a couple of days it was getting a little difficult. I spent my hours in daylight knitting little sweaters for the baby. The evenings with candle light and a blazing fire. It sounds more romantic than it was. Luckily one remembers the nice parts, and not the smelly bits!

Aaah, it's good to be back!


ariadne said...

Your decorations are lovely! And the view from your garden amazing!
Don't mind not coming back earlier;it is never too late.
You are lucky to have more time in winter, you can be cozy and creative and it is a long time to contemplate on things to do.AriadnefromGreece!

Anonymous said...

So good to see you! Come in, come in, make youself at home. What would you like to drink? Your tree is lovely too.

Big HUG!! xo

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Nice to have you back! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas spent with your family. :)