Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas bazaar

Last sunday was our annual Christmas bazaar. As every year we organized the childrens' playroom and as every year it was a great success. The kids (about 330 of them!) had a good time playing the various games we had prepared.

Here we are, just before the children stormed in.

Always popoular with girls and boys: face painting. This year there were a lot of butterflies, princesses, flowers for the girls and of course spiderman, ghosts and pirates for the boys.

And of course the Green Fox was present as well. The sale of our 100% handmade shopping bags went well and made us some much needed cash.


ariadne said...

Great, you will have to tell me all those games!AriadnefromGreece!

Dream on the wave said...

I'll tell you all about them, I just have to remember to take some pictures as well so you can understand better what they are all about. (don't expect anything too fancy...we made them all ourselves, but they're still a lot of fun)