Friday, December 23, 2011

Baking and good company

The weather has changed dramatically over the last two days. Heavy storms and non stop torrential rain. Fortunately we were warned by the weather forecast and told our two boys to come home a day earlier than planned. Just as well because they would have been stuck on the mainland since no ships are allowed out of the harbour today and most likely also not tomorrow.

But my boys made it and I am happy to have them home.

Today my youngest and I made the traditional Greek Christmas biscuits "Kourabiedes". The official shape would be like a half moon but we made hearts and stars and round ones with a dent so the icing sugar can sit nicely in tthe dent. They turned out exactly how they should be. Crumbly and sweeeet and oh so Christmassy.

Happy days!

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Pesky Cat Designs said...

My mom who was from Poland would bake us a very similar cookie in the half moon shape for the holidays. Enjoy your delicious cookies and have a wonderful Christmas!