Friday, December 16, 2011

Contrasts and cookies

This morning, when I looked out of my hobby room the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

The very same moment though, the room from the opposite window in my hobby room gave a totally different picture. It was raining heavily and there were dark clouds.

This afternoon the same again: this is the view from the garden looking to the left:

And looking to the right:

Both sides are beautiful, don't you agree. ?

I just finished making the ultimate, traditional dutch winter cookies, speculaas. At least for me it is a typical winter cookie. Since a few years you can buy them ready made here as well. Only it is called speculoos. I never really found out why that is.
The home made ones are the best, the whole house smells of the spices used for this cookie.

This is the special form I use for getting the shape. It is quite old, since I have brought it from Holland about 26 years ago, but it still works.

Here they are ready to go into the oven and

Now I just have to wait for them to cool down and mmmm, I wish you could smell and taste them as well.


Anonymous said...

Oh those cookies look so attractive! Wish I could have some :)
I have had experience of weather like you talk of. One moment, you would be walking in the rain, and then suddenly, the rain disappears. You look back and it is still raining two paces away, but not where you are! It is bizarre but makes one smile. Nature is astounding.

ariadne said...

Mmmmm I could smell them, bring some next time you come here for me to try. I have never seen them before. AriadnefromGreece!

Naturally Me Creations said...

Just stopping by to say "hi". :) You commented on my Cupcakes to Carrots "diet diary" blog. :D

I had to say wow...what a lovely island you live on! And is the beach just outside your house? How wonderful! It's beautiful there. :)