Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A new top for the table

Here is what the table looks like at the moment. The top didn't need to be attached to the table since it is quite heavy so I can change it anytime.
(Iwarned you, Mariellen and Eva...it is going to be quite simplistic)

I will make another top now with a more abstract design. I am a little limited with the colours but I want to try to make a more greek looking meander border. It might work.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great. Start with a project that you finish - I am so bad at finishing! - and then move onto other ones as you get a feel for what you want to do next. Sometimes (I think Eva will be much more expert on this than I will ever be) you have to do the first step to get the ideas for the second, and so on. I used to get puzzled about why artists did things in series...but when I started having ideas of what I would create and developed them on paper, oh yes, I could see why you need to make series at times. To allow the development to happen.
Good work, Frieda!