Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How we celebrated Easter

At midnight on Saturday we gathered at the monastery Evangelistria where in a beautiful setting and a peaceful atmosphere we lit our candles with the Holy light. Afterwards home for our midnight supper which consisted of the traditional Mageiritsa (easter-soup) red eggs, salad and some roast lamb.

On Sunday morning we all gathered at our friends place where the barbeque was hot and the meat was getting ready.

And in company of good friends, plenty of food and with lovely weather, we all enjoyed a relaxed day.

On Monday afternoon we met again at the church square in town where another custom took place. Every year on the second day of Easter there is a little festival where girls in local dress dance the "kamara", a local dance. There is music and food and drink and everybody is having a good time. First the girls dance by themselves

but soon everybody joins in

The new generation in local dress

The feast went on after the sun went down and the dancing continued under the lights of the church.

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Eva said...

Wonderful! The costumes are so beautiful. Red is the color of joy.
In our family, there was some orthodox influence, so my mother loved to celebrate Easter as the highest of holidays. We had special Easter food, and my Mom greeted us with "Christ is resurrected!" and expected us to reply: "He is truly resurrected", and for years, I did. But as we grow older, my brother and I changed.