Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter is near

This weekend is Easter. The biggest holiday and the most important religious celebration in Greece.

Since the beginning of Lent, now almost 40 days ago, everything in daily life has been building up towards the highlight of this celebration: the Rising of Christ on saturdaynight.
Many people have been fasting for this whole period. Some only for this last week and some are fasting just the last 2 or three days. But everybody is looking forward to enjoying all the culinary specialties and festivities that go with Easter.
This last week before Easter is called "Megali Ebdomada" and it is a week full of excitement, expectations, preparations but mainly a lot of devotion. The churches are full almost all the time.
Today the children made their rounds singing to family and friends with their beautifully decorated crosses.

There is a smell of spring in the air, the lemon and orangetrees are full of blosom. I wish I could bottle the scent and share it with you, it almost makes you dizzy!

In my kitchen though it smells of freshly baked koulourakia (cookies) and tsourekia (sweet bread). The recipes are from my favorite greek cookblog "Recipes from the heart"

And my fingers are red from dying a lot of eggs. You can find beautifully decorated and painted eggs in many colours, but I prefer the traditional red.

I wish everybody a happy Easter, Καλή Ανάσταση και Καλό Πάσχα!

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