Friday, April 16, 2010

Dreams are coming true

This afternoon I came back from a few days on the mainland. I had already thought of a few subjects to post a blog about. But then I read my e-mails and immediately changed my mind. How could I possible "blogger" on about crafting projects, diet struggles or other daily happenings when something big is happening. Somebody's dream is coming true and somehow I feel part of it.

Jen Lemen with Odette's daughters, Grace and Lilian, shot by Stephanie Roberts in Konombe, Rwanda

I only learned about Jen Lemen's story when I joined the Mondo Beyondo course. And now it seems the last chapter is finally going to be written. I'll copy the e-mail here and hope and wish that you will consider to chip in as well and help to make this dream come true.

dear sweet dreamers,it is with many tears and much happiness that i can announce that one of my biggest mondo beyondo dreams is coming true.many of you know that i met a young Rwandan women about two years ago who had been separated from her children due to an immigration and labor problem. in may of 2008, i went to visit her children on her behalf and began the process of reuniting this family.for the last two weeks, i have had a harrowing time in east africa--criss-crossing borders, learning the art of handling government officials, helping the girls thru unexpected difficulties, surviving a car accident that should have killed all of us and many more adventures meant for books, i'm sure. today, in the worst of it, after much hassle, word came that the visas would be issued and the girls were legally allowed to rejoin their mother in the united states.the only thing that remains is for me to book the airline tickets.i wanted to share this incredible news with all of you and to tell you the thought of you, reaching for your dreams and taking risks to trust and act, buoys me on days like this and gives me incredible hope.for those of you who have been following this story for a long time, you are welcome to contribute to the fund created to bring the girls home. ( and for any of you who are doubting today the possibility of a truly impossible dream, let me be your witness that even these dreams can come true.all my love,

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