Saturday, January 19, 2013



The center of interest or activity.
(of a person or their eyes) Adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.
noun.  center - centre
verb.  concentrate

I Think I have found my word for the year 2013. A couple of words have been going through my head for the last few weeks but this one sticks out and I think it will be most effective, because "Focus:.. .....I must

I get so carried away trying to do many things at the same time, not only with crafting but in life in general that everything becomes a blur and nothing gets clear or finished and therefore after "unfold" as last year's word....focus should be my motto for this year.

Having said that, I am sure my crafting will probably continue as haphazardly as always but that is the way I enjoy it most. 
This week I have joined Wieke van Keulen's Haakrol (crochetroll is that the right word?). A perfect opportunity to practice and learn the basic of various stitches.

I also started to knit black woolly socks for my mother in law who suffers from cold feet. I didn't take a picture of that because how interesting could black socks look like..

And worked on some seaglass pendants, trying to find a style of my own:

All seaglass pieces are found on "my" beach right in front of our house

An oddly shaped green piece

This is a piece of  pottery also found on "my " beach

A big piece, almost a heart shape

A very rare pink piece
Have a nice weekend!


ariadne said...

Focus...I must!That's a great word! Focus I should, too! But what happens when you love too many different things?Or you think you do?
Anyway I love the blue colour of your scarf. I still have to learn crochet!That was a 2012 resolution but was never accomplished! I love the sea glass pendants. To find your own style when so many before you and me have made sea glass pendants is really hard but I love those and I'm sure people who will receive them as gifts or buy them themselves will love them!AriadnefromGreece!(with Barca in company!)

ariadne said...

Is the crochetroll a way to learn crochet?And is it only in Dutch?AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa said...

Great word!!! I also need to focus. Love the seaglass pendants very nice. I collect seaglass but I do not make anything with it.

Anonymous said...

yes that's a great word.
it's the start of achieve your dreams!