Monday, January 14, 2013


This morning Lucky and I went on a long walk. We also stopped by my mother in law who as always was very happy to see us. We sat and chatted on her little patio. I persuaded her in having her picture taken. Although she is a very good natured and happy person and always smiling and laughing, she will never smile on photos. 

She didn't want to be photographed with her apron on but when I said it didn't matter, nobody will see the picture, she agreed. So I am glad she is not a blogger although I do feel a bit guilty about the little lie.

The view from her house was beautiful as always. On our way back I took pictures of all the different doors we passed.

The view from her patio

And here are some of them. All different in colour, material and size. Some heavily locked with a padlock and some wide open.

A local artist, Costis Hatzioannou has painted many doors. A few years ago I bought one of his paintings. It was difficult to choose between the doors and the boats but (having my fisher-man in mind) I decided for the boats.


Lisa said...

Very nice. Does all your family live on the island? i live near all my family here. The furthest is 2 miles from my house.

Dream on the wave said...

The family on the island is very small and they are my husband's relatives. My own family all lives in the Netherlands (I am from the Netherlands) so that is much further away than the 2 miles from your house!

Anonymous said...

you must pray nobody tells her
that they saw her in the internet!
very nice foto!

and your doors are beautiful too!

ariadne said...

I won't tell her when I see her next time!LOL!I loooove the doors!AriadnefromGreece!

Elizabeth said...

Wat leuk om te lezen. Nice to read.
Begrijp je het nog wel als ik Nederlands schrijf?
Vast wel.
Wat een prachtige plek op aarde bewoon je. En je schoonmoeder is heel trendy met haar schort in retro stijl