Sunday, March 4, 2012


A beautiful sundaymorning, it looks like spring is finally here.
Two years ago, also in spring, I had another attack of the me-2!syndrome, when I saw all the sheep with their thick furry wintercoats. I had this vision of spinning and dying wool and making all kinds of fantastic things with the wool. In older days the wool was used for making the traditional island rugs and carpets. These rugs were very timeconsuming to make and handdied and handwoven on big wooden looms. It would give the women on the island an income in the years when a lot of the men were away for months and sometimes even years on the ships.At the moment I can think of only two women still working this loom. I shall try to post some pictures soon.

Almost all the wool that comes of the sheep nowadays is just thrown away! What a waste. That's why 2 years ago I collected a few sheepskins. But oh my, where they dirty! It was a lot of work to clean them and after I  karded a few bags of wool, well, I realized how hard those women had to work for these rugs! And I never actually made anything with the wool which is still in the bags.

But then 2 weeks ago I attended a little felting seminar while in Thessaloniki and remembered my wool. So now I have been poking with the feltingneedle but still not sure of what to make. Anyhow it is fun to do and as long as I (still!) have the luxury of doing it as a hobby and not as a much needed income like the women in the old days it doesn't really matter how long it takes to finish the project.

My craft table...a mess as usual

I know it's not valentinesday but hearts "speak" to me at the moment

My friend's object, inspired by nature and using driftwood and pebbles

Wishing you a beautiful sunday too!


Lisa said...

I love your craft table. Great idea with the wool.

ariadne said...

Oh it is great seeing you felting! I am spring cleaning and decluttering at the moment!AriadnefromGreece!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Messes are good - creativity lives in the heart of a mess, me thinks! Glad you had fun