Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back again

After a long, hot summer with a lot of working, swimming, gardening, Green Fox bottle collecting, it is finally time to pick up the blog again.
There hasn't been any crafting since that wool episode but now I am slowly getting into the mood again. The first project will be crochet with a kind of zpagetti material that I picked up in a wellfare store in Thessaloniki.

The weather is still summerlike and we have the luxury of almost a private beach.

I also started picking up some seaglass again and was rewarded with a very extraordinary one.

Only when you hold it agains the light you can see it is actually green and not black.  Surely a very old piece of seaglass.

The catch of the day

It feels good to be back in bloggingland!

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ariadne said...

Welcome back!Oh what great photos!You are wetting my appetite for sea glass!AriadnefromGreece!