Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will the snow affect our party?

This week is preparation week for our big Green Fox fundraising dinner-dance party on Saturday. It has been a year exactly since we officially introduced the Green Fox to the island. It has been a very good year. Lots of work, lots of bottles but very fulfilling, we managed to send of 33 tonnes of plastic bottles directly to the recycling plant on the mainland. Plus we have more than one tonne of aluminum cans ready to be shipped.

A good reason to celebrate and an opportunity to make some much needed cash. We are still renting a press but we have to buy one and that is a big investment. The cost of the project is not covered by the income of the sale of the plastic. One of the reasons is that the transportation costs are so high. So we rely on sponsorships and collecting money with all kinds of happenings.

The weatherforecast for this week was: WINTER and how right they were.

Yesterday morning it was snowing but not strongly enough. It was very cold though!

This morning the snow is falling in big flakes and is here to stay!
Any other time I would have been very happy with the snow but not this week! Every time I look out the window, the flakes are getting bigger! I am worried..... Lets keep our fingers crossed that we have no suprises like powercuts.

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ariadne said...

I hope your festivities are not affected! The photos are amazing! We are expecting the snow tonight and tomorrow morning!Let's see!AriadnefromGreece!