Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finally on my way!

This morning the heavy winds had stopped and the ferry boat left the mainland which means it passes the island again in the afternoon on its way back to the mainland. And I made sure I was on it! Now I am killing some time at the busstation waiting for the coach to take me to Thessaloniki.. And there is internetconnection at the busstation. O yes, modern times.
So it is a good opportunity to tell some more about the island as Lisa had some questions in yesterday's post.

First of all a picture from high above:

This is it, our little diamond in the aegean.
The white line on the left side is our airport landingstrip and it is about 1700 metres long. The runway is from the south to the north side. At the top of the runway, which is the south part of the island, and to the right is our town with approximately 5000 inhabitants. 
Our main road is from the town to the end of the island, at the top right side of the picture,  where the famous Koukounaries beach is. This road follows the southcoast line which on the photo is on the top. This road is about 15 kilometers long.
All along the south side are beautiful sandy beaches and on the north side which is more barren is the famous lalaria beach which you can only reach by boat.

Koukounaries beach

Lalaria beach which is entirely of white stones.

Typical Lalaria beach stones
So much for the geography. 
About the mall..... I can be very quick.....there isn't one. Over the last few years 2 bigger supermarkets have opened but they are tiny in comparison to the big supermarkets elsewhere, although you can actually use a shopping cart. But my favorite shops are the little family owned shops where you leave your basket and shopping bag (with wallet) at the counter and walk around the shop finding the items on your list whilst talking to the owner and exchange the latest news and maybe pick up some gossip as well.


Lisa said...

Thank you for telling about your beautiful part of the world. It sounds like a great place to live. The pictures are beautiful. I live in New York on an Island, Staten Island but it is not at all like your island. I wish it was.

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Oh Greece is on my list. And I bet I would love Thessalonika! Hope the party rocks....and glad you could make it out!

roadartist said...

Τέλειο νησί. Από τα ομορφότερα, είσαι τυχερή που ζεις εκεί, και από είδα στα προηγούμενα ποστς το χαιρόσαστε φαίνεστε όλοι αγαπημένοι και χαρούμενοι. Πάντα έτσι να είστε.
Σε ευχαριστώ, είδα λίγο γαλάζιο και ηρέμησε η ψυχή μου.