Saturday, April 2, 2011

An evening in Thessaloniki

Even though it had been raining heavily all night and in the morning, the hydrofoil to the mainland took of on time yesterday morning so eventually I arrived safe and sound in Thessaloniki where it hadn't rained at all.

I suppose most of us remember what our rooms or flats where like when we first left home to study or work...well that is more or less what I faced when I arrived at my eldest son's appartment. So after a late lunch in a little taverna together, a bit of washing and cleaning was waiting to be done.

In the evening I met up with Ariadne whom I met through internet last year because we share a mutual hobby: seaglass. But in general we have a lot in common and the latest: it turns out she lives only about 100 metres away from where my eldest lives -in this big city!. Ariadne and her collegue teachers where in a club or bouat as we used to call them her. It was called Vardia and the son of one of her friends was playing. Great music, wonderful voices and good company in a friendly atmosphere. That sums it up for me and what more could one possibly want?

Thanks, Ariadne, for a wonderful evening.

And now I am getting ready for TEDx Thessaloniki. Yeah!

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ariadne said...

I can't believe you found time to blog about our evening together!I am glad you enjoyed it!