Sunday, March 13, 2011

sunday lunch by the sea

The electricity has come back on, the sun is out again and life is back to normal. At least it is in our little part of the world. In far away Japan, life will not be back to normal for a long time I am afraid. I cannot find words to express my feelings and sympathy for people all over the world who have to experience disasters, either caused by nature or, even worse, by man himself.

My fisher-man finally went fishing again, for the first time since a couple of weeks. Today we enjoyed yesterday's catch.

It was a nice break from working in the garden.


dutch sisters said...

Whauw what a catch! Looks yummie!

ariadne said...

Σάρπες είναι τα ψάρια?
What an excellent view for a Sunday lunch!Ariadne from Greece!

Dream on the wave said...

Μουσμούλια είναι τα ψάρια και ήταν υπέροχα!