Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grey, grey, grey

This is the only colour for about a week now, mix that with rain and it is getting really boring. It should be all colours now since it is carnival weekend.

In past years we did participate in our local carnival parade but this year there is not going to be one. Probably just as well because it would have been very soggy and cold. And the weather forecast says snow and storms for next week!
I remember the first snow I experienced on the island. It was in 1987 and it started snowing the 8th of March! In the middle of spring and with trees full of blossoms. There was a lot of snow and it stayed for weeks. But the worse was that the island had no electricity and no water for 2 weeks! Yes 15 days! That was not easy I can tell you. And melting snow to use as water is not as simple as it sound.

Some pictures from past carnivals then, just to get some colour on this page and to get away from that grey, grey, grey

We built a real pirate-ship

And dressed the part

Dancing Queen

The year after Mamma Mia was filmed on the island, we are doing our little sing and dance in front of public....scary

But after the first nervous try...we couldn't be stopped


dutch sisters said...

Leuke foto's! Morgen is er hier ook een optocht. Ga natuurlijk wel even kijken, maar echt carnaval vieren zoals vroeger doen we niet meer.

ariadne said...

I remember that awful snow back in 1987!Lovely photos of carnival!AriadnefromGreece!