Sunday, March 20, 2011

oogghhrrr frustation!

I had decided for today not to open my laptop and have a computerless day. There are a lot of different crafting projects lying around waiting to be finished and the weather is bad so a perfect day to work on one that needs a lot of work and attention.

Just before I went to Holland I had started assembling the meditteranean dollhouse the parts of which I had been collecting for two years.

So today I continued with that. After more than 3 hours of cutting and glueing it turns out that I had started wrong and the whole basis construction should be exactly opposite!.

Well, since I had paid extra attention to glueing everything really well so it would be a strong dollhouse..... you can imagine how hard it was to take it apart again. I can't say I did a very good job and it will never look as good as on the picture.
And to calm down from my overheated, frustated, bad mood waiting around the corner feeling, I did the one thing that will for sure relax me a bit:
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p.s The two photo's of the dollhouse I pinched from Anthoula who is an amazing artist and also collected this dollhouse. I hope she is doing a better job than me. I am sure she does! If you explore her blog you'll know why.


ariadne said...

I had bought the first issue of that magazine. Of course I wasn't going to buy the rest because in the long run it would cost too much to build the whole house. So I have the lovely dresser and the striped armchair as a decoration on my bedroom shelf!AriadnefromGreece!

Dream on the wave said...

I know! I hadn't realized it was going to cost me an arm and a leg, if I can make it at least to look half as nice as on the pictures... we'll see