Friday, May 7, 2010

Look what I made

Last week I prepared and sent a little parcel to a very dear friend in Holland. I wanted to show of some of the little projects I had been busy with this winter. Here they are to show them of to you too.

A little coin wallet crocheted with cut up plastic supermarket bags. I have been using one like this that I made about 2 years ago and I find it really practical and surprisingly strong as well.

A macrame necklace made with papermache beads.

A wire wrapped seaglass necklace

And a shoppingbag with picture and embroidery made from the pattern I wrote about in a former post.

I haven't heard from my friend yet but I really hope she is going to enjoy the things as much as I enjoyed making them for her.

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Tallulah Belle said...

Beautiful...I LOVE the macrame necklace. I used to do macrame when I was a small girl.

Thank you so very, very much for your donation.

I am so touched by the generosity of people donating and helping me get the word out.

Thank you xxx