Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A day in the garden

In my garden I have a couple of giant palm trees.

We planted these palm trees about 20 years ago. Actually it was just one tiny, little palm tree in a pot. As it started to grow, it turned out to be two palm trees stuck together. Funnily enough one grows faster than the other.

Once a year they need to be cut. And that is quite a job. Especcialy now that they are getting so big. Plus the spikes on the leaves are lethal! You really have to be careful because they can really hurt you.

Here are some of these dangerous spikes, I cut them of the long leaves, so that nobody gets hurt.

The taller palm has a lot of orange seeds. There are thousands of them hanging on some sort of branches. They are also very heavy. If I let them fall on the ground, they sprout and I get little palm trees all over the place. Every year I have to pull out hundreds of these sprouted seeds.

So I make sure to collect them. This year it was quite easy because the flowerbed under the palmtrees was already destroyed by the many south winds we had during the winter. The sea actually came crashing over the wall straight into the garden. One of the few disadvantages of living so near the sea.

Here you can see how many of these seeds there are.

It took me the whole day to get these trees sorted out. The garden was full of the leaves and seeds and just a lot of mess. But by the end of the day it started to look tidier. I 'll show pictures another time. I am glad the job is done for at least another year.


Anonymous said...

If you are working like that I think the diet must be doing just fine!! And isn't it satisfying when it's all done, and the gfarden is looking nice.

Do you get much sea glass on your beach? I found all kinds of places on the web where you can do things like buy fake sea glass. It made me laugh, as it hadn't even occured to me that people would do that or that there might be a market for it. I wonderd withet storms yuo said you had, maybe there was more that washed up.

Dream on the wave said...

Let's not mention the diet...ok? But since I have been working hard that must help a little bit. At least I am not gaining anything at the moment.
About the seaglass, I am so lucky to live on this particular beach because as it happens, of all the beaches on the island (and there are quite a lot) this beach has the most seaglass! I looked up the book you mentioned and indeed it has some fantastic pictures in it. Gives me a lot of inspiration!