Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thessaloniki one more time

Well, this is my last visit to Thessaloniki, at least to the appartment we had rented for our sons who do their studies here. Both of them are finishing this year and I am here to pack up a few of their belongings to send  back home. No more excuses for a little break from island life and spending some time with my bloggerfriend Ariadne. I was lucky enough this time to see her husband Themis in action with his shadow puppet performance. Karagkiozis is a well known and well loved  figure in the traditional shadow puppet theatre. The play was the famous "The emperor's clothes" adapted into "The sultan's clothes". It was held in a most beautiful neoclassical building that houses a kindergarten.

The new generation of puppeteers, helping Themis.

In the afternoon we visited the antique market. Although there were many beautiful items and I was very tempted, I managed not to buy anything. I am focussing on decluttering, not an easy thing for me.

Here are some of the stalls of the market. The photos I grabbed from their facebook page


ariadne said...

Hey I am going to blog about your visit when you leave!It isn't over yet,is it? I so enjoy spending time with you too!So hopefully it isn't the last time!AriadnefromGreece!

Kitchen Butterfly said...

I love the puppet show. And I would not have been able to resist buying stuff at the antique market!