Monday, March 25, 2013

Independance day

Today is Independance day which is traditionally celebrated with a parade. 

And as is tradition there is also a special dish for this day: fried salted cod with garlic sauce which we enjoyed for lunch.

I also learned something new today. Another one of the many superstitious "advices" of my mother in law:
"On this day you must never bring anything green in the house. If you do, your house will fill with ants in the summer".
Her list of advices is long, very long. They are very old and most of them are also very peculiar. But I love her and take the advices with a pinch of salt. Maybe I shall write a post about some of the advices, I am sure they will make you smile.

Are you superstitious about something?


ariadne said...

At least this Independence Day was not as windy as in October when we were there!For Skiathos because here the weather was bad!I am not superstitious so I have never heard of this green thing!Anyway the Green Fox thing goes well, doesn't it?AriadnefromGreece!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful parade!
and a lovely weather!
i love the little girls with the traditional outfit!

it would be great a post with
your mother's in law advices! :)

Lisa said...

Nice pictures and parade. I am not superstitous cant spell that word. I would love to read your mother in laws advices.