Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet roll

Today  is episode 6 of the crochetroll from Wieke van Keulen.

I started it with a nice blue wool and crochethook 4,5 but unfortunately I had only one ball of wool. I knew it wasn't going to be enough and the wool is not available on the why did I start it with this wool?

Probably just because I can do the whole thing again with another wool. So, last week I started all over with another yarn I have in my stash. Thinner this time so I crochet with crochet hook 2,5 and it is also not my favourite colour but I have a few more skeins of this one so I hope there will be enough although it looks like Wieke has a lot of patterns for us so I don't know how fas I will get with this wool. We'll see. It is fun to do and gives me some  practice at the same time.

Wishing you a good week!

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