Sunday, February 10, 2013


Today my eldest turned 21! I wish him with all my heart  happiness, joy and prosperity.
Times are extra hard here in Greece and the young generation has been robbed of its dreams and hopes for a bright future, let alone careers and much more. I have never written much about the crisis because I try to keep a positive state of mind about it. But it is part of our lives and we are confronted by it on a daily basis.

But......."nothing is forever, everything changes" or: Panta rei is a conclusion I think everbody will make at some point in his life.

So, the crisis is not here to stay!
Happy birthday to my first born for this special day!

Anyway, back to 21. A couple of weeks ago there were quite a few bloggers that posted pictures of themselves at 21. I thought this was a nice idea but already knew that it would be hard for me to find a picture of myself at 21. And I didn't.
The closest are the following:

Santorini 1978 (I am 20)

Corfu 1980 (I am 22)

As you can tell Greece was already part of my life then. In those days I was in a relationship with an Irish man and we lived in the Netherlands, Utrecht. I worked in a travel agency and was quite content with my life. Although Greece was my favorite holiday destination I never dreamt that I would actually live there.

As I said....panta rei

After going through the old photoalbums looking for a picture of myself and in combination with my eldest turning 21 today I feel rather nostalgic and a little sad because

I wonder will my boys get to experience the same happy go lucky feeling I had at that age?


ariadne said...

Happy birthday to your first born! I wish him all the best! I am sure young people enjoy life no matter what, exactly because they are young remember? Your thoughts are what I too feel about the situation here, sadness is the main thing.
Anyway you made me search for a pic from my 21st years!I will show you!AriadnefromGreece!

Anonymous said...

my best wishes for your son!
may things be a lot better for all soon...

and beautiful foto of you back then!

Elizabeth said...

Als nog gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je zoon. Het valt zeker niet mee om groot te worden en je leven te moeten uitstippelen in crisistijd. Veel sterkte voor hem.
Toch denk ik dat de veerkracht van jonge mensen groot is. Ik wens hem een goede toekomst..
Leuk die foto's van jou van vroeger.
Wat een wereld geleden He?
groeten en een goed weekeind.
3770 ersoysi

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Wow. I see myself in you. I always thought I'd get married to an Irish man :-), and I lived in the Netherlands, not Utrecht but....and like you, not sure I could find a 21 year old me! Best wishes to your son and all the best to you - I know it isnt easy living in Greece as it is today. Stay well Frieda