Monday, January 17, 2011


We found the most perfect premises for our recycling operation Green Fox. Maybe it doesn't look like much on the photograph but it really is ideal. It has so much potential and is perfectly located. It also has a very positive energy feeling to it. And we can use it for free for a couple of months! But then we will have to decide: are we going for it all the way and rent it which means we have to do some serious fundraising. Of course it depends on how our project will be received. Well, we'll know that very soon.


ariadne said...

Congratulations! I would love to hear more about this project! I sent you an e-mail too but keeps coming back!Anyway...AriadnefromGreece!

Dream on the wave said...

As soon as we get officially started (which is soon) I'll let you know about it. I will make a seprate site or blog for it so I am not getting too boring on this one. I will have to look at the email adress. Maybe you can send a message through the seaglass-site?