Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It has been over a month since I first wrote about our ambitious plan for the recycling of waterbottles. Since then we have been very busy with planning and now we are finally coming to the really scary bit.

We introduced the Green Fox to the island. He will be our trademark and sign for our recycling plan. The idea of creating a mystery around the arrival of the green fox on the island has worked amazingly well. Nobody really knows exactly what it is all about and guesses and speculations of the wildest sort are coming to our ears.

In 10 days we will have to have our presentation ready and our plans more finalized so we can present it to the local population.

We will have to explain the importance of at least giving it a try and of starting on a small basis. With their help and support this can turn into something really special.

I am very excited about the whole project but also very anxious about the confrontation next week.


ariadne said...

I am really wishing you the best of luck with your project and hope to get some ideas from it!Looking forward to learning more about it!AriadnefromGreece!

Dream on the wave said...

Thank you so much Ariadne. It has been on or mind for years but never were we so close to actually doing something about. With our enthousiasm, positive attitude and of course support from the local population this can and will be a success.