Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer is here

Aah, things have changed since the last, weather related, post since we are now in the middle of a heat wave. It is only early morning but the temperature is already 33 degrees celsius and no wind.

I find it hard to keep up with blogging now that I am working full time. There are so many other things to do and sometimes I don't open the laptop for days which I have to admit is not necessarily a bad thing because I do get carried away once I start clicking around the world and come across so many sites and blogs that I like.
A little update on our Skiathos Cat Welfare Society that I wrote about in another post:
The visitor's centre
They have now a proper visitor's centre where people can get informed about their actions and buy some various cat related (and not only) items to support the charity.
That bag looks familiar!
I just love to make them.

I also left some of my seaglass pendants there to be sold.
To my big surprise quite a few people have already bought a pendant before I even took them to the visitor's centre! I find it is not so scary to sell something that you made when it is for charity but it is still quite a thrill when they actually buy it.
I haven't found any good quality pieces of seaglass lately. Maybe it is because it is summer and there are many people on the beach? I don't know. So even I would have time, I have to stop my production line anyhow because of lack of material.


Roadartist said...

Μα τι ομορφα...

Mariellen said...

Hooray! But phew - hot and humid? Usually the nice breezes are in Greece, one reason I love it ...

Well done for selling your stuff!