Friday, November 30, 2012


'Tis the time of year again. No, nothing to do with Christmas or Sinterklaas but everything to do with olives.
This year all the olive trees are so full that the branches are bending over. Everybody is picking and sorting out olives, for oil and for consumption. Families and friends get together and combine the work with the pleasure of being out in nature.
Pick up trucks are driving up and down the olive oil factory. The main topic of discussion is the quality of the oil that is pressed.
Have a look at this lovely video made by a young local which gives not only an impression of the procedure but also a taste of what working in this beautiful nature is like.


ariadne said...

A great video, and you are blessed to have this chance. I have seen people collecting olives from the streets of Thessaloniki too, even people who never collected their own olive trees now go to their fields and collect them.It seems that the crisis has some good aftermath as well.

Gebreidesjaals: Knitted Scarfs or Scarves said...

Yes the squirrel was dead, thank you for visiting my blog , have a nice weekend! mieke

Anonymous said...

thank you for this very interesting
and well made video!

must be a great experience to live
the whole procedure of the oil making.

as ariadne said lots of people here in thessaloniki
are gathering the olives from the trees.
of course not in the center of the city,
but in areas where houses have gardens.