Sunday, February 6, 2011


It is about time that I introduce my favorite pet to the blogworld. Her name is Rollie and she will be 16 years old this june. That is quite an age for a little dog. Apart from being deaf, she is in perfect health. Struggling a little bit with her weight but that is a general female issue.
She is what you would call a typical island dog...definitely not a pedigree but a mixture of all the different dogs that are around.
In the summer she is our little mascot. Over the years she has become friends with many visitors to the island and guests of our taverna. I am sure she remembers each and everyone of them and their little routines. Some like to take her for a walk on the beach early in the morning, others walk with her at night and during the day she finds shade under the beach chairs of her international friends.

There is one special friend that always feeds her the peanuts we serve with the cool beer. Someone else brings her special doggy treats. And almost everybody gives her a little tickle or cuddle.

Aaahh this is a dog's life!


ariadne said...

What a sweetheart!Looks lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

Anne B. Eek said...

Yes, he is adorable! We have had snow og cold weather for aømost 4 mnds now . I long to warm sand, sea
and good greek food! Soon I hope.
Anne from Norway

Anonymous said...

That is one very cute doggie. He must get pretty hot in the which case I guess it's a case of jump in the sea! What a sweetie.